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Omega Replica Watches's 950 platinum alloy is composed of 950 milligrams of platinum and ruthenium - a chemical element from the platinum group. This combination allows their platinum alloy to be robust enough for watches while still maintaining its shine and brilliance.

Omega Replica Watches Submariner Steel White Gold Pepsi Bezel Watch. Omega Replica Watches GMT Master II 18K Yellow Gold Pepsi Bezel Watch.CERACHROM BEZELSOne problem that watch owners face is the fading or scratching of their bezels. Since the 1980s, watchmakers have been exploring ceramic as an alternative to aluminum that is more scratch resistant. Omega Replica Watches spent a lot of time perfecting their ceramic bezel before launching the Cerachrom.

Cerachrom is not only virtually scratch-proof but also resistant to ultraviolet rays from the sun, so the vibrant color never fades. The Omega Replica Watches GMT-Master II yellow gold was the first to feature it.

Omega Replica Watches pushed the envelope even further in 2013 when it created the first bi-coloured bezel with the GMT-Master II Batman. Omega Replica Watches,franck muller replica watches using a patented method, was able achieve a two-color ceramic component that was initially thought to be impossible.

Omega Replica Watches Explorer II 42 Black Dial Orange Hand Watch, Omega Replica Watches Milgauss Black Dial Domed Bezel Steel WatchCHROMALIGHTWatchmakers have long used luminous materials for the hour and minute markers, in order to enhance legibility in low-light conditions. Omega Replica Watches uses a variety of lumes for its watches. From radium, tritium, and SuperLuminova which is also used by other manufacturers.

Omega Replica Watches launched its proprietary Chromalight material in 2008. Chromalight has a lifespan of up to 8 hours, more than twice that of other luminous material. The bluish glow is another feature that makes it stand out, as opposed to the green glow of older Omega Replica Watches timepieces.